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Santina Volpato is a dynamic young entrepreneur grown in the family fashion firm where despite the young age lived an experience full carrier and decided to divert it to follow the secret dream of creating her own jewels collection made of silver and natural hard stones purchased during various around the world travels.

She is a talented artist , graduated pianist, which designs and handcraft her self the silver jewels; necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, parure and collier refineds and with beautiful aesthetics .
Those are not series products , are instead original limited handcrafted pieces almost unique.

The necklace, the bracelets and the earrings are an artistic combination of different dimensions and shaped stones into silver chains; the fashion background is evident in any colour mix. It is outmost natural the perfect result of those absolute original jewels, easy wearing, suitable for modern ladies who look for renewing the classic silver jewels making it innovative and impressive.